Concrete superplasticizer, Enaspol a.s.

Product Description:

Concrete superplasticizer is a fluidizing admixture for concrete and mortar mixtures that improves their aeration, rheology and pouring, accelerates concrete curing and setting and reduces the amount of mix water and tendency to segregation.

Other information:

Concrete superplasticizer is an admixture with high dispersing and plasticizing ability. Concrete mixtures modified by a superplasticizer flow better even into rugged parts of products with difficult shape. Reduced amount of mix water provides for substantial cement saving ( by 5-20 % ) and increased concrete strength ( by 15-50 % ). It is sold under the trade name Spolostan 7.


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Enaspol a.s.

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Enaspol a.s.
Velvěty 79
Teplice 1
415 01

Czech Republic


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Ing. Josef Kasík jr.
Sales Manager Eastern Europe
Tel.: +420 417 813 106
Fax: +420 417 532 560

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czech, english, russian
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Concrete superplasticizer Concrete superplasticizer Concrete superplasticizer Concrete superplasticizer Concrete superplasticizer


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